Blizzack Staggroff

Blizzack Staggroff (ブリザック・スタグロフ?) is the boss of the "Find Hidden Base" in Mega Man Zero, and a member of Leviathan's Meikai Army. Blizzack is a Mutos Reploid based on a stag (male) deer. He is ressurrected by Dr. Weil in Mega Man Zero 3 as "Blizzack Staggroff R", and leads an army to attack the Resistance Base from the northern tundra but is defeated once again at the hands of Zero.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Ice Stamp : Blizzack jumps and lands, releasing a freezing breeze beneath his hoofs. The breeze is able to freeze Zero and trap him.

Icicle Spear: Blizzack releases icicle spears from his horns that will land and shatter, inflicting damage.

Blizzard Canon: Blizzack blasts a mighty air of chill using his freezing arm canon. The chill does not deal damage, but is so cold that is slows down Zero's movement and inhibits his jumps. Furthermore, it may freeze vapour to form ice spikes that will sprout on the wall. As the chill pushes Zero backwards, it will draw him closer to danger.

EX Skill Double Blizzard : Blizzack once again blasts a mighty beam of chilling air with his freezer arm, but this time, ice shards will be fired as well. These ice shards travel with the wind and inflict damage. Combined with the pushback effect of the Blizzard, this makes things hectic for Zero.