Childre Inarabitta

Childre Inarabitta

Childre Inarabitta (チルドレ・イナラビッタ Chirudore Inarabitta?) is a boss in Mega Man Zero 3. he is based on the White Hare of Inaba in the kojiki book. His body possesses a cooling system which allows him to manipulate cold environments in order to prevent his body from overheating, and allows him to produce freezing attacks. Childre is one of the Eight Gentle Judges being brainwashed by Dr. Weil as one of Weil's Numbers, and was sent to capture the Dark Elf, but was defeated by Zero. he also has a bad relation to Blazin' Flizard

Combat TechniquesEdit

Homing Torpedoes: Childre fires a series of homing torpedoes at Zero, which can be sliced apart with relative ease.

Ice Mines: From the exploding ice mines located at the water surface, Childre will release a rain of shrapnel that deals damage.

Ice Dive: Childre dives towards Zero and strikes the ground with the blade-like ice produced from his ears. Upon contact with the ground, ice shards are sent hurtling outwards.

Ear Shot: Childre creates a wave of ice and hurls it towards Zero like a glowing blade.

Super Ear Shot (EX Skill) : At A or S Rank, Childre's Ear shot is replaced with a significantly stronger Super Ear shot, which tosses out a much larger ice blade of immense power.