Deathtanz Mantisk (デスタンツ・マンティスク Desutantsu Mantisuku?) is a boss in Mega Man Zero 3. Ma
Deathtanz Mantisk

Deathtanz Mantisk

ntisk is based on the praying mantis, and was originally created for the sole purpose of execution, using his "Grim Reaper Scythes" to dispose of Reploids. Before he was brainwashed and modified, he served as the Deputy Chief Judge of the Eight Gentle Judges.

In the Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Telos, Mantisk says he doesn't like to take an unnecessary life and that the dullness of his scythes were proof of peace. However, after being modified by Dr. Weil, he has developed a thirst for killing. He also has a sheer laughter, "chikachika". He was sent by Dr. Weil to capture the Baby Elves, and was defeated by Zero. Mantisk, at least in his modified form, also seems to have a fear of dying, as evidenced by his last words to Zero after being defeated in his rematch against him in Weil's Laboratory.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Detached Scythe: Mantisk detaches his scythe and sends it forward. Upon reaching the end of the screen, it curves downwards and then travels back to him.

Frontal Stab: Mantisk quickly stabs the foe with an unexpected frontal thrust.

Reaping Scythe: Mantisk jumps and latches onto one side of the wall, before jumping downwards and delivering a mid-air frightening slash.

Boomerang Scythe: Mantisk throws a detached scythe in the form of a boomerang, which will shear through the walls like a wheel. It is possible to dodge the instance of the throw by performing a timely dash.

EX Skill Rock Breaker : Mantisk fires a laser towards the ceiling to dislodge a huge boulder the size of Zero. He then slices the rocks apart with his razor sharp scythes, sending the pieces of cut debris flying towards his opponent.