Devilbat Schilt

Devilbat Schilt

Devilbat Schilt, also known as Hellbat Schilt (ヘルバット・シルト Herubatto Shiruto?) is a boss in Mega Man Zero 3. Hellbat is a bat Reploid that was originally created as a reconnaissance Reploid. He was also one of the Eight Gentle Judges being brainwashed and modified by Dr. Weil as one of Weil's Numbers. He apparently does not get along well with Blazin' Flizard and Childre Inarabitta. He is a gentleman and appreciates good manners, hence considering Zero as a barbarian trying to defy Weil. On a mission to destroy a Neo Arcadian factory that was repairing weapons, Zero defeats Schilt.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Vanishing Bat: Schilt disappears into the background as means of evasion. He will typically reappear to use one of his skills.

Bat Swarm: From his cape, Schilt releases a swarm of bat drones to besiege the foe. The bats travel at high speeds, but are destructible.

Sonic Wave: Schilt appears roughly in the middle of the screen and the releases pulses of ear-piercing sound in several directions.

Electric Bolts: Schilt lands on the ground and then hurls forward a number of electric balls at Zero. The balls can travel to and fro.

EX Skill: Laser Creeper : At A or S Rank, Schilt will use the Laser Creeper. As he vanishes from the screen, he will reappear, hanging upside down from the ceiling like a cave bat. He will then warp between three fixed locations, before releasing a laser of electricity, which will creep along the floor as it touches the ground.