Glacier le cactank

Glacier Le Cactank

Glacier le Cactank (グラチャー・レ・カクタンク Gurachā re Kakutanku?) is a bosses in Mega Man Zero 3. Cactank is a Reploid based on a cactus, and is one of the Eight Gentle Judges being brainwashed by Dr. Weil to work for him, as one of Weil's Numbers. Cactank used to be a fair, kindhearted judge that would be willing to forigve trivial offences, but when Weil corrupted him, his personality afterward became that of a cruel, absolute judge who issues the death sentence to punish all crimes. Formerly, he was built as a large armored water tank tto bring water to remote areas, and has a cooling system that allows him to freeze the water inside him to use it as ice thorns.

When Zero goes to the Snowy Plains to reinforce the Resistance scouts to recover a container that fell from Omega's spaceship, Cactank intercepts and says it belongs to Neo Arcadia. Calling Zero a thief, he is determined to punish him with death and fights against him and is killed by Zero.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Ice Thorns: Cactank fires 3 waves of 2 ice thorns (6 in all) at Zero, which are relatively weak and shatter upon touching the ground.

Crushing Mace: Cactank throws his chained mace arm to full length, crashing it on the ground, before dragging it back slowly.

Body Slam: Cactank clings on the ceiling and tries to land on zero, brining the force of his full weight to crush his opponent.

EX Skill Ice Cannibal: By spinning his mace arm several times, Cactank launches an assault of icicle thorns.