Hanumachine is a boss in Mega Man Zero, member of Phantom's Zan'ei Army (Stealth Unit). He is a Mutos Reploid based on the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Hanumachine can be fought either after failing in the mission against Hittide Hottide, or after all selectable missions are completed. When he attacked the Resistance Base, he was defeated by Zero in the warehouse. Hanumachine is revived by Dr. Weil in Mega Man Zero 3 as "Hanumachine R", and leads a army to attack the Resistance Base.

It is interesting to note that throughout the battle, Hanumachine R constantly refers to Zero as the God of Destruction, which gives an early hint at Omega's true identity.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Fire Ball: Hanumachine morphs into a fire ball and ricochets around the room, slamming into opponents and also breaking the blocks in MMZ3.

Fire Spin: Hanumachine jumps up mid-air and then spins into a wheel of fire, releasing fire balls as he does so.

Fire Spawn: Hanumachine breathes life into a fur that he plucks, spawning three smaller versions of himself that will explode upon reaching Zero.

Hanumachine's Rod: His rod is able to expand in size, and acts as an extended melee weapon.

EX Skill Monkey Dance of the Spinning Rod : In MMZ1, Hanumachine expands his rod and charges energy before striking. In MMZ3, Hanumachine spins his rod, with both ends ablaze as he leaps mid-air to execute his fiery attack.