Hittite Hottide

Hittite Hottide is a giant digging Mechaniloid boss from Mega Man Zero that was sent to attack the Resistance Base. The Mechaniloid starts its assault landing in near the Disposal center, in front of the room where Zero fought Aztec Falcon. It attacks with explosives, releases Gli-Eyes, and has a Pantheon inside. After its defeat, Zero receives the Cyber-elf Stoctto. However, if Zero fails, either by not being able to prevent the mech from reaching the base or aborting, the mission with Hanumachine follows immediately afterwards.

Combact TechniquesEdit


  • Nickname: Super anger class self-propelled warhead
  • EX skill: Last Battalion: A Pantheon appears from the hatch and attacks Zero with his arm cannon, grenades, and a weapon that paralyzes Zero.
  • Graphic: HittiteHottide