Maha Ganeshariff

Maha Ganeshariff is a boss of the "Retrieve Data" mission from Mega Man Zero, which is in charge of data processing and handling information in his large body. He is a Mutos Reploid based on the Hindu elephant god Ganesha. He stored all the data he collected in the Underground Laboratory in his body's server, and to recover it, Zero needs to defeat him and download it from his memory. Zero also receives the Cyber-elf Itecle, and must evacuate the Underground Laboratory before it explodes. After completing the mission, Zero receives the Triple Rod from Cerveau. If the player fails in this mission, Ciel will try to hack into the enemy base to keep them from using the data. Zero fights against him again in Neo Arcadia.


  • Maha attacks with fast slaps, rolling like a ball, releasing bombs while rolling towards Zero.
  • He also swings from the ceiling.
  • If the player is high ranking, Maha may throw tusks.
  • His main weakness is thunder, so during battle with him, use electric-powered attacks.