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Noble Mandrago

Noble Mandrago (ノービル・マンドラゴ?) is one of the Einherjar Eight Warriors in Mega Man Zero 4. Mandrago is based on the mandrake plant. She occupies an underground forest of artificial plants that were creating an erosion. She battles Zero in a room covered with earth. As a half-plant, half-drill Reploid, she can drill through the earth and surface anywhere she likes. She fights by letting Mechaniloids do her work, while she weakens her foes with goo. She may also go on the offense by making use of her sharp edges to spin like a top.

Although Mandrago lacks an elemental weakness, Zero can use a strike from the Zero Knuckle to yank her out of the walls, ceiling and floors as she surfaces her head out to fire goo. Doing so causes her to bounce from the walls and take a decent amount of damage.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Germination : Mandrago launches 2-4 plant seeds that deal damage and can grow into a small plant-like Mechaniloids, depending on where they land. These seeds can be destroyed by the Zero Knuckle before they germinate; in doing so Zero throws the seed over his shoulder like a bomb, potentially causing minor damage to Mandrago. If the seeds land or walls or ceilings, it sprouts into small flowers that fire strings of bullets at Zero. If they land on the floor, flytrap plants will germinate, which clasp Zero on contact and drain his energy.

Spinning Top : Mandrago spins back and forth across the room at high speed like a top.

Burrow: Mandrago burrows into the ground. When she partially surfaces, she will release 3 blobs of viscous goo at Zero. The goo, upon contact, reduces Zero's traction and attracts Appnets to attack Zero. It is possible to pull Mandrago out of the ground using Zero Knuckle, although under some situations it may not be the best strategy.

Sunlight: Under sunny weather, Mandrago recovers a small amount of HP.

EX Skill: Spinning Root : Mandrago spins horizontally above ground level and tries to land on Zero with the drill. Upon landing the ground, a shockwave is generated laterally, it lifts up earthern soil in both directions.